Welcome to hell, ruled by weeaboo trash in a cosplay wig named liz.

The stars are in allign for me not to give a shit.

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that snk smart pass rain story with levi and moblit talking about hange has given me too many ideas about them having a secret love rivalry

totally based on this

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so who did hanji choose??


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Happy Birthday Tom Felton! Born 22 September 1987.

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Akane Tsunemori | Psycho-Pass 2

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Hiromi’s “Sister complex”

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M a k e   m e   c h o o s e : Levi or Jean Kirstein? [asked by anon]

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Thats real character development right there

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Izumi Sena in cosplay!

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Because Nagisa is the opposite of innocent. all that teasing, poor Rei..

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